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For over 30 years, Atlanta English Institute (AEI) has been providing academic excellence in English as a Second Language Training (ESL). As the oldest, accredited ESL School in Atlanta, our institute has stood the test of time.

We understand that Language is Power℠ and how important learning English is to our students. We know the life and career benefits that being fluent in American English can bring. We also know the struggles and difficulties that many people go through when learning or mastering any language. We’ve set ourselves apart by creating an optimal environment for learning English from some of the best ESL trained, native speaking instructors. We offer a full range of ESL classes, tutoring, and complete Test Preparation programs.

By enrolling at our AEI campus, students can experience English in its native land, be provided personal attention by native speaking instructors in smaller classes, and focus on their studies in a nurturing, comfortable environment.

Starting in 2021, AEI began offering Online ESL Classes for those students that may not be able to leave their home country to come to the United States or choose to learn from home as their best option.

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our history

The Atlanta English Institute (AEI) is the oldest ESL school in Atlanta, open to every nationality, providing intensive English instruction, Test Preparation , and tutoring to non-native speakers from beginner to master levels. AEI was founded by Julie Ressler in 1993. Mrs. Ressler was an English Language instructor in her native country of South Korea when opportunity brought her to the United States and she continued her work here in Atlanta, GA. Her vision was to help others learn English in a way that was both productive and compassionate. Understanding the fears and frustrations associated with being a non-native speaker herself, she knew exactly what was necessary to build a school that served student needs while empowering their lives and careers with the English language.



Since 2013, Atlanta English Institute has been accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation. AEI is accredited for the period December 2018 through December 2028 and agrees to uphold the CEA Standards for English Language Programs and Institutions. CEA is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency for English language programs and institutions in the U.S. For further information about this accreditation, please contact CEA, 1001 North Fairfax Street, Suite 630, Alexandria, VA 22314, (703) 665-3400,


AEI is authorized by ETS as an official iBT TOEFL Test Center.

The internet-based TOEFL test (iBT) helps institutions of higher learning make decisions about the readiness of international learners to effectively communicate in an English speaking academic environment. A skills-integrated test is used to measure students’ readiness to succeed. Therefore, they need to not only understand English but also to communicate effectively. Reading, listening, writing, and speaking are key skill areas tested using the integrated approach.

Students who desire to pass the test may enroll in our courses. They are designed to increase successful outcome on the iBT (internet-based) TOEFL. We strive to ensure that our students achieve academic readiness.

SEVP, USCIS Approved (SEVIS I-20, F-1 Visa)

The school is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant students.

All international students and exchange visitors must possess a SEVIS I-20 issued by an approved school. SEVIS (Student Visitor Information System) is an automated process to collect, maintain, and manage information about international students and exchange visitors during their stay in the United States. SEVIS is operated by the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) under the federal Department of Homeland Security. AEI’s SEVIS School Code is ATL 214F 01554000. For further information, including a list of approved schools, please visit

Our Facilities

Atlanta English Institute provides a 22,000 square foot campus including classrooms, student lounge, library, event room, computer labs, admissions and administrative offices, breakroom, and more. We are located in the heart of the metro Atlanta area within easy reach of the highway and public transportation.


Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing Centre

AEI is an authorized Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing Center. Several admissions tests for the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and many others are required to be taken in an authorized center. For a full list of tests requiring an authorized center, visit

Cambridge Assessment English – Linguaskill Testing

AEI has partnered with Cambridge Assessment English to provide external assessments and resources to help students succeed in their language-learning journey. The highly regarded Cambridge Assessment English is an internationally recognized organization that helps people around the world learn and improve their English skills. One of the many resources Cambridge Assessment English offers is the Linguaskill assessment. Linguaskill is an online English proficiency exam that tests an individual’s reading, listening, speaking, and writing abilities. Anyone can take a Linguaskill assessment at AEI and receive an official Linguaskill Certificate. For more information:

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

TESOL, an association of English language educators, is a national, independent professional organization established in 1966. The organization was created to bring together teachers and administrators at all educational levels with an interest in teaching English to speakers of other languages (ESOL). TESOL provides a coordinated, knowledgeable response at the international, national, and local levels to issues affecting institutions that foster the development of effective human communications. TESOL’s mission is to ensure excellence in English language teaching to speakers of other languages. For further information:

Georgia Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

GaTESOL is a state-wide association of educators of English language educators. For further information:

Southeast Region - Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

SETESOL is an affiliation of seven southern state TESOL organizations and sponsors an annual SETESOL conference. AEI regularly participates in, and has presented at, the SETESOL annual conferences.


EnglishUSA is the largest professional association of Intensive English Programs in the United States with over 350 accredited member programs. It offers a wealth of resources for students who are interested in studying English in the United States, as well as IEP professionals looking for the most-up-to-date information about the field. All EnglishUSA member programs meet the highest standards for quality education and professional integrity. For further information:


EducationUSA is a network of hundreds of advising centers in 170 countries, where millions of international students each year find accurate, comprehensive, and current information about how to apply to accredited U.S. colleges and universities. The EducationUSA network is supported by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), which strives to foster mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. For more information please visit:

Our Facilities

Atlanta English Institute provides a 22,000 square foot campus including classrooms, student lounge, library, event room, computer labs, admissions and administrative offices, breakroom, and more. We are located in the heart of the metro Atlanta area within easy reach of the highway and public transportation.


The Atlanta English Institute (AEI) provides intensive English instruction, Test Preparation , and private tutoring to non-native speakers from beginner to those seeking mastery. The school aims to build solid academic foundations and foster communication, as well as the skills and knowledge to achieve personal, professional, and academic success. For all programs and courses, on-campus and online, AEI does this through the context of a nurturing environment which models integrity and excellence.


At AEI we strive to honor the Lord and to help develop good citizens. These cherished aspirations guide us in all our work.


Key Faculty

and Staff

While our instructors are all native speakers, we have several staff members that come from different countries. This means that when a student first contacts the school, someone will likely be able to communicate with them in their native language. This helps us provide the best service for students who desired to master English. We understand and have compassion for our students as they come to AEI for learning.


Native Speakers

An additional reason students choose AEI is that they want instructors who are native speakers without an accent.

Our students learn American English from American instructors. Other credentials and requirements include a relevant college degree and TESOL Certification in teaching English as a Second Language – knowing how to communicate in a way that will help students learn quickly and with the most productivity. The majority of our faculty members hold advanced degrees and ESL certifications.

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